Natalie Boscoe and I both attended and graduated from the Jewish Early Childhood Education Leadership Institute (JECELI).  JECELI is a two year extensive hands on leadership institute where educators from across the country gather together to discuss early ed best practices as well as discuss early ed within a Jewish lens. Natalie took a leading leadership role within our cohort from the very beginning. Two years have passed since we both have graduate and Natalie is still leading us fearlessly as she chairs our cohorts community of practice which meets once a year at a conference and a few times over the web.  Natalie is always available to discuss issues big or small . In her amazing gentle way she asks thought provoking questions guiding the questioner to find deeper meaning. She is always thoughtful, organized, timely, helpful and kind.

Alana Weinberg, Director of Early Childhood Education Stein Yeshiva, NY